Blüm Toasty Almonds Are a Home-Toasted Treat That'll Up Your Snack Game - Sweety High

Eating the same old snacks at home day after day can get dull, fast. Most of the stuff you can pull out of the cupboard isn't all that nutritious or fresh, and most microwaved treats are packed with all kinds of junk.

Freshly roasted nuts pretty much check all of the boxes, but I never thought of making them myself at home because they sounded like way too much work. Of course, that was before I discovered Blüm Toasty Almonds.

The team behind the brand reached out for me to try their deliciously flavored, home-toasted almonds, and I have to say I was surprised with the results. Keep reading to find out all about them.

The Products

Blüm Toasty Almonds come with everything you need to toast your own almonds at home. Their raw nuts are grown by California farmers and come in microwave-safe packaging, along with packets of almond oil and uniquely flavored seasoning, so they're ready to heat and serve. Plus, each 6 oz. serving of nuts is big on healthy fats as well as dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium and protein.

Bottom Line

If you love fresh-roasted nuts in intriguing flavors, Blüm Toasty Almonds were basically made for you. Though they do require a few steps at home and a minimum of 12 minutes (including 10 impatient minutes of waiting) before you can enjoy them, they're easy enough for anyone to make at home, and they're worth the effort.

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