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Say Goodbye to Traditional Snacking

Level Up Your Graze Board

Don't settle for plain raw nuts on your show stopping boards. Upgrade to Blüm Toasty Almonds and wow everyone with your epic flavor combinations and pairings.

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We’re a new branch on the Chico Nut tree.

We've been farming in Northern California for over 40 years, supplying premium almonds to national and international markets. Our team is excited to offer a brand new way to enjoy our premium almonds. Crafted with carefully-sourced real ingredients and combined with a do-it-yourself simple heating process to deliver a flavorful experience worth sharing

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Snacks worth savoring.

Blüm Toasty Almonds are the wholesome, heated snack you can feel good about. With gourmet flavors that excite the senses, there’s always a fresh, delicious way to Blüm!

Our favorite Blüm wine pairings